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Posted by : Spazitron Senin, 20 Maret 2017

Counter-Strike Red Line is compilation mod of Counter-Strike. This mod aims to created a new sensation of Counter-Strike gameplay for fun and addicting. With the oldskool-themed will bring you different enjoyment like the old times. Here's many unique modes can you try and enjoy.
It doesn't matter labeled as single-player and multi-player, you can play it both locally.
Try to play it with your friends for more fun, with local sever or internet server.
Featured single-player mode called "Mission Mode" it's from Condition Zero Deleted Scenes campaign mode, and mission mode from Condition Zero, doesn't matter, just added for more comprehensive.
Want to know more informations, just read it below ...

Counter-Strike Red Line, modded since late 2010.

Features :

- New sensation of Counter-Strike gameplay with oldskool-themed.
- New graphics enhancement.
- More unique modes can you try as you like.
- More maps to explore.
- More weapons to kill your enemies in every way.
- Featuring blasting music may raise up your adrenaline.
- Nostalgic feels, if you play the older versions.

 Mode List :

Multiplayer Mode
American Football
Base Builder Zombie
Bomb Defusal (Recommended)
Bunny Hop
Capture the Flag
Combat Skill - AK47 & M4A1
- SG552 & AUGA1
- Galil
- Famas F1
- M3
- XM1014
- M249
- MAC10 & TMP
- MP5 Navy
- UMP45
- P90
- Glock 18
- USP45
- P228
- Desert Eagle
- Dual Elite & Fiveseven
- Shield
Deathmatch (Recommended)
Death Race
Fight Yard
Fight (Recommended)
Free For All
Gun Game (Recommended)
Hide N' Seek (Recommended)
Hostage Rescue
Human Scenario
Jail Break
Knockback Pump
LAW Battleground (Recommended)
Nade Frenzy
Paint Ball
Pogo Jump
Snowball War (Recommended)
Soccer Jam (Recommended)
Sudden Death (Recommended)
Thirdperson War
Vehicle Battle
Weapon :

- Assault Rifle
- Pistol
- Shotgun
- Submachine Gun
- Melee
- Machine Gun
- Sniper Rifle
- HE Grenade
World War
Zombie Escape
Zombie Infection
Zombie Plague
Zombie Scenario
Zombie United
Single Player Mode
Carrer Mode
Mission Mode
Tour Mode 

System Requirements :  
  • Windows XP/7
  • Intel Pentium IIII Processor or better
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 3 GB HDD Space
  • 128 MB video card  

Screenshots : 

Preview Videos :

Special Thanks :
  • Valve
  • AlliedModders
  • Gamebanana
  • Cstrike-Planet
  • 17buddies
  • AcFun Guard
  • NST  
  • And Others

     Download :
    Counter-Strike Red Line Alpha 0.3 (Full Client)
    File Size : 1.6 GB

    Counter-Strike Red Line Alpha 0.2 (Older Version) (Full Client)
    File Size : 665 MB

    Notes : 
    - If the music disturb the gameplay, you can turn it off (Spazz Trax -> Mute Button).
    - Version Alpha 0.3 supported to use Cheats Codes, you can see there.
    Resources on this mod all not made by me, majority it's made by others, remember it's compilation mod, i'll collecting credits soon.
    Don't forget leave feedback and rating, and hit the like button Facebook page.

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