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Posted by : Spazitron Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Counter-Strike Red Line actually was released on June 2011 emergency version or Beta 1.9.0 when i go to holiday on June 2011 until July 2011. But after i go holiday, exactly July 11 2011, i want to release it, but my flashdisk crashed and i was so frustrated that time. I trying to repair my flashdisk, then finally done. But i don't have mood to upload my mod, it took so long time and i worry about broken link and many other problem. And time just passed by and this version of my mod was gone. Suddenly i miss this mod, i have good feeling to revive my mod. Then i go to computer rental where i last to that place on July 8 2011, i check every files and folder on that computer, and finally and found it and never accessed by human. That day was December 1 2013 where i found this mod and i feel so happy, i can't believe it. Lately i decide to released this old mod as fast as i can.

System Requirements :  
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7
  • 850 MHz Intel Pentium III Processor or better
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 2.5GB HDD Space
  • 64 MB video card  

Screenshots : 

Special Thanks :
  • Valve
  • AlliedModders
  • csexe.at.ua
  • CSF
  • Gamebanana
  • Cstrike-Planet
  • And Others

     Download :
    Counter-Strike Red Line Beta [July 2011] (Full Client)
    File Size : 1 GB

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